Once a Mom, now a Mom on a Mission!

Once a Mom, now a Mom on a Mission!

Elderberries have CHANGED MY LIFE. Up until 2014, my kids were always sick. One child would bring home a sickness and it would spread through the house. It would continue over and over throughout the winter. Tired and desperate for relief, I was intrigued by elderberry syrup.


Having heard about elderberry syrup, but not knowing what it was, I did some research and decided it couldn't hurt to give it a try. The only problem was the expense. In 2014, it was $2.32/fl oz and was available in 4 or 8 oz bottles. I couldn't afford it. Not for my large family.


This inspired me to make it myself. Using all natural organic ingredients, I created my recipe. The immediate changes I saw in my kids’ health shocked me. Was this a fluke? It couldn't possibly be from my elderberry syrup!


My kids went from constant colds, flu and asthma to healthy kids, rarely missing any school (we had 1 missed school day last year TOTAL for all 5 kids). I began to share what I had learned and encouraged friends and family members to try it too. One friend asked me to make it for her. I thought, who would want to buy this from me? After sharing it with friends and family and hearing they had similar experiences, I decided to post on a Facebook garage sale site to see if anyone else would be interested.


After sharing my story, posting a few pictures of the ingredients and my mason jar, I hit SEND. My friend, a busy mom, turned out not to be the only one looking for an organic, all natural elderberry syrup in an affordable family size bottle. Within minutes came a flood of responses and  I was completely overwhelmed. I became the Elderberry Queen that day and am still amazed where this journey continues to take me.


Working tirelessly over the past year, I started on my goal to get my elderberry syrup out of my kitchen and into a facility, so it could be shared with more people via stores and online. I simply couldn't keep up with demand. Even making 10 gallons every other day wasn't enough. I had produced and sold over 10,000 bottles.


My contact at the MDA (Minnesota Department of Agriculture) informed me that she has never seen an individual pursue a dietary supplement. It's normally large corporations with one person specifically designated to handle the paperwork for a supplement. It was very difficult. She also told me, "You're starting a revolution" because she hadn't had any requests to make elderberry syrup before me. Other people were inquiring and they all changed their minds after hearing how difficult it was. We're talking SOPs, recall procedures, certifications, testing, FDA regulations, etc. After hiring a food scientist and countless others to lend me their knowledge, I was on my way. I had never done this before. I'm just a mom.


My elderberry syrup is Certified USDA Organic as of September 27th, 2018 and made in a facility in Minneapolis, MN. What an exciting and emotional day that was, as I had waited and worked so long and hard to get there.


Shortly afterwards, my second goal was completed, which was listing my Elderberry Queen USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup on Amazon. Now families would have an option that was not only affordable and family sized, but an option they could feel confident about when giving to their family. All of the ingredients are 100% all natural, organic and each ingredient has it’s own added benefits. Plus, it tastes amazing! This particular goal is very important to me. I was determined to share this amazing syrup with as many families as possible. That is why I do this, every person, every story, every child that receives the benefits of elderberry syrup, keeps me going. Freely giving, teaching and helping others share the knowledge I have gained on this journey to improve the health of my family’s immune system. Feeling blessed, I'm no longer just a mom, I’m a MOM with a mission!  Elderberry Queen Elderberry Syrup is ranked in the top 5 sellers in my category and sales are through the roof. Join me on Facebook @ElderberryQueen. Follow my journey and share in the knowledge I have learned along the way.


Elderberry Queen USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup is now available at local chiropractic offices, wellness centers and gyms. My third goal is to have Elderberry Queen USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup available in stores countrywide, so families have a natural, organic option that fits the size of their family. This third goal I can not do alone, I will need store owners and loyal customers to join me on this mission to get in stores countrywide and continue to spread the word about this amazing syrup.


Elderberry Queen USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup comes in 3 sizes - 12oz (24 servings), 24oz (48 servings) and 32oz (64 servings). My elderberry syrup has a consistency like juice, so kids love it! I refuse to add any fillers or thickeners like fructose, glucose, glycerin or sugar cane, as those ingredients have negative health benefits. Elderberry Queen USDA Organic Elderberry Syrup has 7 key ingredients - elderberry concentrate, aronia berry concentrate, honey, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. All play a role supporting the immune system. 


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