Essential Oils

Essential Oils

We use essential oils daily in our home and love the products because they are safe for our family and they are plant based. We are offering a FREE Thieves Vitality 5mL with every new membership of Young Living with a Premium Starter Kit in the month of April! 


Please follow the link for more information about how to join! Please contact us directly for additional questions.

How do I order essentials oils?

You have 3 options.

1.(Good) You can sign up for a retail account and pay the full retail price for the products. If you plan on only ordering once and not ordering again, this may be option you choose.

2. (Better) If you’re ever going to order again, the better option is to setup a wholesale account. If you choose the wholesale account, then you’ll receive an amazing starter kit and the oils at the wholesale price (24% less than the retail price.) You would also be set up to share with others should you choose to do so.

3. (Best) Become an Essential Rewards member and earn points back on everything you order to be used toward future purchases. (Think FREE products!!) Young Living gives you 10% PV (think $10 credit) for months 1-3, 20% after that and eventually 25%. You’ll also receive a free gift after months 3, 6, 9 and a Loyalty Oil on month 12 that you can’t even purchase anywhere! Last, but not least, you’ll receive discounted shipping and you have the option of earning free products through promos and rewards programs (What?!?! More free oils??) It’s a no brainer!! Simply make a 50PV order every month. A great way to look at this is to start transferring purchases you’re already making at other retail stores. (Think toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, cleaning supplies, baby wipes, etc.) You’re really not spending more per month, but just choosing to spend your money on products that you know are safe for your family and free of harsh chemicals.


What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one. You do not have to make a monthly minimum purchase (unless you want to).  You don’t have to sell anything. You can choose to share with others if you want to. After your friends start asking you about oils, you’ll want to share with them because it’s so EXCITING!! It’s pretty cool that Young Living sends you a $50 thank you check for each person who joins with a starter kit.  If you never want to order again after making that initial purchase you won’t be penalized other than losing your discount (just like your Sam’s membership would expire if you didn’t renew each year). However, with Young Living you don’t have to pay a fee to keep your membership active, you just have to purchase $50 worth of product a year (so restocking your lavender and peppermint or grabbing some supplements would totally do it).

What are the perks of a Young Living membership?

In addition to the fabulous starter kit (which we’ll talk about in just a sec) and the wholesale membership, you’ll also get to join a wonderful community of people who share their stories and answer questions and are just generally super helpful on your journey. You can check out my Facebook page here.  Plus we have a private Facebook group that you’ll be added to when you join. You will be personally mentored by me to make sure you are getting your questions answered and any help you might desire on your oily journey. I will send you a welcome packet in the mail after you join and provide you with the resources you need to get you on your way to discovering the awesomeness of essential oils.

So, how do I get started with Young Living?

The best value and the best way to get oils to try is to sign up wholesale with the Premium Starter Kit (or PSK for short).  The PSK has over $300 worth of oils and other oily products for only $165 plus tax and shipping.  It includes:

  • Premium Essential Oils Collection;
  •  Lavender 5-ml
  •  Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
  •  Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml
  •  Citrus Fresh Vitality™ 5-ml
  •  Frankincense 5-ml
  •  Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml
  •  Raven™ 5-ml
  •  DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml
  •  PanAway® 5-ml
  •  Stress Away™ 5-ml
  •  Valor® 5-ml
  •  Peace and Calming® 5-ml
  •  2 AromaGlide™ Roller Fitments
  •  Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 1-oz. sample
  •  2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
  •  Product Guide and Product Price List
  •  Essential Oils Magazine
  •  Essential Edge News

The items in the PSK are worth over $300…so for $165 you get $300 of amazing stuff, plus your wholesale membership!  This is what I got to start out and I don’t regret it at all!  It has been a wonderful investment into our family’s health.

Steps to sign up

1.   Click HERE to begin.  Choose your language, and in the top right-hand corner click on “Become a Member”.

2.  On the next page check the box to become a “Member“. This is the wholesale membership with discounted pricing (24% off retail pricing). If you select “Retail,” you will be paying full price for your products and you will not have the option to purchase a starter kit.

3.  Under “Membership Details” my information should already be filled in for you.  But if not, under the question, “Who introduced you to Young Living?” select the option: “I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his/her member number.” When prompted, enter my member number (1429295) in BOTH boxes: sponsor and enroller ID. Select your desired country and language, then click “next.”

4. Enter your personal information. Write down the username, password, and pin somewhere so you’ll have it for reference later on.

5. After creating your account, the next step is to pick your starter kit. The Premium Starter Kit with Diffuser is the one with the “Everyday Oils” collection (lavender, lemon, peppermint, frankincense, copaiba, PanAway, Citrus Fresh, Thieves, Stress Away, Raven, and DiGize), diffuser, plus bonus goodies and samples of some of our other products. It works out to over $300 worth of products for $160. Woohoo! This really is the best value of all the starter kits and WELL worth the investment.  It should be the first option on the page and already selected for you.

There are a couple of diffuser options to choose from.  They are all great, so it’s up to you on what you prefer.

For those who are more interested in Ningxia Red (antioxidant drink), Thieves (natural cleaning), or Savvy Minerals (natural makeup) there are also premium starter kits built around these fantastic products.

6.  The next step is for those wanting to sign up right away for our points rewards program and monthly shipment, what Young Living calls Essential Rewards (what I discussed about earlier as the Best option.) If you are all in and ready to make big changes in your health, I recommend joining Essential Rewards right away. There are different kits available depending on your health goals. The Thieves kit (if a non-toxic home is your goal), the Ningxia kit (if immune support and energy support are your goals), or the Premium Starter kit. If you order the Permium Starter kit, I also recommend adding Valor (for courage) and the Thieves Cleaner (first step to removing toxins from your home.)

7. If you wanted to add any other oils or Young Living products to your order then click on “Add more products to enrollment order”.  If you add enough to reach 100, 190, 250, 300 or 400 PV, you will earn the free monthly oil promotions.  Otherwise, select “Enrollment Checkout”.

8.  Check out.

That’s it!  Now wait anxiously for your box of oily goodness to show up on your doorstep! I look forward to guiding you along your journey!


The promo items for April 2018 is: 

5 ml Goldenrod

  • Relive springtime adventures with Goldenrod! Add a few drops of this grassy, sweet- smelling oil to your diffuser at night and you’ll slip into soothing dreams of simpler times.
  • Radiant look? Yes please! Mix this spring-scented oil with your face wash and your skin will look fresher and firmer in no time!

5 ml Dream Catcher

  • Chase creativity with Dream Catcher! Plug in your diffuser and add this blend for surprising citrus scents and decadent floral notes that will inspire you the way a gorgeous garden does.
  • Whether you’re climbing an actual mountain or a metaphorical one, breathe in the aroma of this light and bright blend for a quick burst of motivation as you run after your hopes and dreams.

4-pack Lavender Calming Bath Bombs

  • Seek renewal this spring! Feed two birds with one scone by relaxing in a Lavender-scented bath that also treats your skin to ultra-hydrating ingredients.
  • Now that the sun is up almost all day, you’re enjoying more adventures! Soothe and soften the wear and tear on your skin with a soak in a bath that’s as fresh as it is floral.

15 ml Tangerine

  • Let’s roll down the windows! Soak cotton balls with this tangy scent and stash them in your car vents so the smell of tangerines will forever recall bliss-filled road trips.
  • Find daily gratitude with Tangerine! Rub this zesty-smelling oil, mixed with V-6™, on your temples each night as you give thanks for the sun, the moon, and all the stars.*

15 ml Lemon

  • Your house can smell like it’s nestled in a lemon grove! Diffuse this oil for a crisp, luscious aroma that beats back odors that have no place in the home.
  • Spring cleaning that actually smells like spring? We’ve got you covered. Add Lemon to your plant-based cleaning products for a living space that smells as good as it looks!

5 ml Vetiver

  • Summer’s just around the corner! Use the exotic aroma of Vetiver to wrap up finals, big projects, and major deadlines so you can head on vacation worry free!
  • While you’re jumping in and out of pools, lakes, and oceans, you’ll want to go makeup free! Put your best face forward and use Vetiver as a part of your skin care routine.

Bonus Essential Rewards: 5 ml Clary Sage

  • Get stunning hair that even mermaids will envy! Add Clary Sage to your shampoo for hair that looks as healthy as the sun is bright.
  • Combine this herbaceous and slightly honey-scented oil with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and massage into your shoulders after a stressful day.

Bonus Essential Rewards: 10 Essential Rewards points

  • Use these 10 Essential Rewards points to get sunny-weather favorites like Lavender Lip Balm and Lemon Vitality essential oil.
  • Note: Points can take up to three days to be credited to accounts.

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